Disposing of Unwanted Items

Asian Tigers Canada Day

We all tend to accumulate a lot of things during our lives, often without really realizing it. There is never a better time to ‘purge' items you no longer want or need then when you about to relocate. Why move unwanted or unused items to your next location. If the item still hold value, you may want to try to sell it. In China there are many WeChat, Facebook and other pages in which you can try to sell items. But if the items are not worth much money then a good option is to donate the items to charity. There are many charities in China and Asian Tigers support many of them. If you put these items to one side, Asian Tigers can pack these items separately and take them to our warehouse and place them in our charity/disposal area. We invite charities to visit our warehouses on a regular basis to choose what they want to take. So make use of Asian Tigers charity disposal service next time you are moving!

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